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Anna S.

Dr Roberts is the best! After losing my reading eyes gradually over the past 5 years and wearing over the counter readers...I had enough! I tried the "best" eye doctor in Nacogdoches, got fitted with an attractive pair of glasses, transitions, all the bells and whistles. HATED them. They made me dizzy...couldn't see right. So, tried again, different eye doctor in Lufkin, came highly recommended. He heard my story...never wore glasses until I hit that magical age when you just can see, told him of my experience with the glasses. She suggested contacts. Great! Tried them on and off for about a year but was more convenient to wear my readers since the contacts didn't quite feel right. Went back got different strengths, bifocal contacts, etc. Not happening! After spending more time looking for my glasses while cooking holiday meals I said surely someone has a solution. FINALLY! My third attempt to solve my vision problem. The very first visit Dr Roberts understood my problem and had the solution, skeptical I tried contacts again...or A contact. The solution was a single contact for reading in my non-dominate eye! Who knew! I have been back again for a follow-up to address a few minor adjustments that she immediately understood "again" how to solve. I can now work, read the dinner menu, read labels in a grocery store, etc. Because one very talented and caring Doctor took time to understand my issue. Thank you Dr. Carmen Lampley-Roberts!

Anna S.

Happy Patients

I have been a patient of Center for Sight since moving to Lufkin several years ago. I have always had excellent care whether it was an eye exam or a surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dorothy C.

The doctors at Center For Sight are great. The glasses I got with my prescription from Center For Sight are without a doubt the best glasses I have ever had.

Linda M.

The staff was professional and very friendly. Everything was done at this one stop from the eye exam to picking out the frames. I was impressed by how efficiently they took care of us while still making us feel comfortable and relaxed. The entire staff was extremely personable from the person who did our initial exam to the ladies who help us pick out our lenses. Based on our experience my wife and I would both recommend the Center for Sight to anyone needing glasses or contacts.

Edward B.

I had cataract surgery here a number of years ago. Perfect in every phase. Now I'm being treated there for dry eye as well as m yearly exams and eyeglasses. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Thicket R.

The staff was so nice and picking my glasses the lady was so sweet and gave you her honest opinion about how they look on you which I'm glad I don't want to go around looking all crazy.

Bethany C.

Friendly and professional staff, excellent exam screening. Been going there about three years now and recently took my son. We have both been very pleased with the eye wear and the service we have received.

Mickie M.

I will definitely go back to Center for sight. My overall experience was impressive in comparison to other facilities I have visited in the past. Highly recommend Center for Sight.

Frances B.

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