Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has made many advances during the past 20 years. Our surgeon, Dr. Kravitz, is proud to provide the most advanced techniques of surgery available. Our routine cataract procedure is a “small incision, no-stitch operation,” in which the cataract is removed through less than ¼-inch incision, using a technique called phacoemulsification. An intraocular lens is then placed inside the eye, replacing the natural lens.

There are different lens technologies available, and Dr. Kravitz will work with you to decide which is most appropriate for your individual needs. A monofocal lens is designed to provide good vision at one distance, usually far, so that most people will continue to need glasses after surgery for close up activities, such as reading or crafts. There are several different types of small incision monofocal implants which The Center For Sight has available for you.

The toric intraocular lens is available to correct astigmatism while multifocal implants are an option for people who wish to be able to see distance and near without glasses.